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Imp. E Tech brands in Ginosa



Premium quality systems

Imp.E Tech Srls in Ginosa avails of the collaboration of leadership brands in the actual market. These kinds of products are indeed spendable on the market in order to obtain those constructive qualities which allow clients to purchase long lasting and perfectly functional products with a great technical assistance.

Concerning the security systems Imp.E Tech Srls prefers technological innovation providing radio or wire anti – intrusion systems with external perimeter, fog burglary prevent systems and CCTV systems (with video analysis and plates recognition) and last but not least automation services constantly collaborating with the most important home construction companies in order to provide the best high level service.

Imp.E Tech Srls realizes internal and external illumination systems, availing high quality products from the most recent technology innovation. They provide the right technical and financial advice for their clients as well as design, lighting design improvising different scenarios and system installation.