IMP. E. TECH S.r.l.s
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A young enterprise that looks toward the future


IMP.E.TECH S.r.l.s. was born in 2014 in Ginosa in the province of Taranto when Eustachio Santantonio decided to leave the family company the S.IM.EL. S.r.l.. So, he decided to stand up with great passion and courage and start his own enterprise in the plant sector, undertaking a highly stimulating path and aiming to guarantee the evolution and progress because of his long precedent experience.
From 2003, Mr. Eustachio Santantonio is exercising his position as technician in charge in the family enterprise increasing his own professional capabilities and those of the company as well, in the electric system implementation sector realizing always a higher turnover.
Mr. Eustachio Santantonio in all his working career has matured a significant long experience with realizing since on his early times various works in industrial and sportive complexes, public entertaining, hospital buildings, schools, churches and other public entities; touristic activities in works, such as power plants and then specializing in technologically advanced electrical systems.
The constant growing of his precedent company casts a solid base on Mr. Eustachio Santantonio professional formation, whom is specializing more and more in the construction of industrial systems, street and public illumination and the tertiary sector. He deals with all of this without leaving apart the civil electrical system the environment where he had his professional growth.
Market continuous evolution brought the necessity of adaptation. In 2014, Mr. Eustachio Santantonio founded the IMP.E. TECH S.r.l.s., he is the administrator and legal representative of the new enterprise. They provide a whole service range for the installation of electric and electronic systems beginning with consultancy for the projection, the implementation dispatch and guaranteeing assistance and maintenance.


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