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Civil and industrial system consultancy: Imp. E Tech


LIMP.E.TECH aim is to provide its clients a highly qualified consultative service for civil and industrial systems as well as design and installation in order to face up for all kind of client requirements. The technology constant evolution made every kind of work more complex. Professional capabilities and the long experience of the company’s staff make possible to fulfill all type of client requirement without any hesitation.

Civil and industrial electric systems


Home and hotel automation installation


Radio or wire anti – intrusion systems and external perimeter


Remote system management, system integration for public entities, enterprises or privates


Access control systems


Fog burglary prevention systems


Video management systems for big installations and/or supervision institutes


Fire detection and alarms


CCTV systems with analysis and remote control installations


Sound diffusion systems


Structured cabling networking installations for wireless and optical fibers IP data transition


Telephonic systems and telephonic switchboard and auxiliaries


Gates and sectional doors automation


Electric systems for tertiary sector, public and private sector and large distribution


M.T./b.t transformer cabins


M.T./b.t distribution panel


Command and control panels


Internal and external electricity distribution systems


Public illumination systems


Internal and external illumination


Decorative creations illumination for Christmas or artistic illumination


Votive lights management, maintenance and installation serves


Renewable energy installations (photovoltaic, wind and micro wind turbines, biomass and geothermal)